Speakers 7th

7th International Hemp Building Symposium 17-18th October 2017, Montreal, Canada.

Steve Allin

Steve Allin

Steve Allin, The IHBA director who has enthusiastically pioneered the use of hemp internationally since 1997 and is the author of the pre-eminent book, Building with Hemp (2006), and second edition (2010). He also works as an international consultant on hemp building projects. Steve will bring us up to date on the situation with Hemp construction worldwide and be presenting reports on his projects in Haiti, Ireland and elsewhere.


Valerie Bline

Valerie Bline New Yorker and longtime IHBA member, she has been promoting the concept of Hemp building in her adapted home of Canada, both in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Is. She has developed several plans for further ideals which she will enlighten us on at the Symposium.


Steven Clarke

Steven Clarke Owner of HeavenGrown, works with Hempcrete and sustainable energy applications for the potential impact they could have in Mexico. Steven is teaching hands-on classes in Mexico aimed at creating a culture of renewable energy throughout the country.


Jospeh Cincotta

Joseph Cincotta

Joseph Cincotta is a Principal Architect with LineSync Architecture in Wilmington VT, which has focused on green and sustainable architecture in public and private environments since 1988. He believes that “green design” has long been rooted in yankee frugality and common sense.  Through a consistent practice of designing, Joseph has been able to offer naturally green solutions to the greatest number of clients. He has lectured extensively on the topic and has taught Sustainable Design at Marlboro College, Keene State and Southern Vermont College.

Liam Donohoe

Liam Donohoe

Liam Donohoe Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) PhD Researcher will be talking about his research project “The Building Blocks of Hemp Lime Construction”. Liam, a co-director of IHBA has been working with fellow director Steve Allin to focus his PhD research on testing a great variety of Hempcrete binders and will be bringing us up to date with his findings.

Donald Gauthier

Donald J. Gauthier Born in Montréal and still living in Canada, Gauthier had formerly worked in the Steel Industry before it closed. Since 1999, he has worked diligently, patiently, and tirelessly regarding industrial Hemp to help move the Canadian national and local economy toward a more carbohydrate centered driven entity.

Gabriel Gauthier

Gabriel Gauthier

Gabriel Gauthier Entrepreneur, craftsman and specialist of hemp and organic masonry, Gabriel Gauthier is behind the company ArtCan hemp construction, in operation for almost 10 years. He built and renovated several houses with hemp material. For him, hemp construction makes an inspiring bridge between agriculture and living and ecological architecture. In addition to being a trainer for Archibio, he has sat on his board since 2004. Artcan are our hosts this year and we will be visiting one of their projects.

Stephane Hans Ecole Nationale des Travaux Publics de l’Etat, ENTPE, France.

Jayeson Hendyrsan

Kim Brooks

Jayeson Hendyrsan & Kim Brooks Hempcrete Natural Building. Hempcrete Natural Building was founded in 2003 by Kim Brooks and Jayeson Hendyrsan. Their mission is to create ‘Homes for Everyone’. Since then they have built a variety of custom projects throughout Western Canada using our Hempcrete Solution.
Hempcrete builds a portable, modular, “Eco Cottage” solution that sets a new standard for quality housing. Primarily serving Western Canada where they are catering to large-scale community builds and in other locations in Canada and are open to, investors, strategic alliances and research partnerships.

Neal Holcroft  Neal has presented at previous IHBA Symposiums when he was researcher at Bath University who are the leaders in Hemp Building research. He will be presenting us with his findings of testing hemp Lime application to masonry walls thus providing scientific back up for the project at St Jean which is our site visit this year. He  is currently working as a Research Officer at the National Research Council of Canada.

Sergiy Kovalenkov

Sergiy Kovalenkov Sergiy discovered building with Hemp while working in Switzerland. He has gone on to start establishing Hemp construction in Ukraine with several projects including Stone and Hemp Building and renovating old structures. He has developed his own Dome frame system for Hempcrete Domes and has recently built the first mobile Hemp Tiny Home in Baha California, Mexico which he will be presenting on.


Chris Magwood

Chris Magwood A sustainable builder, designer and teacher based in Peterborough, Ontario. He is also Executive Director of The Endeavour Centre, a not-for-profit sustainable building school, and author of ‘Making Better Buildings: A Comparative Guide for Sustainable Construction’. Chris will be speaking on Binder development and CO2 sequestation.

Fionn McGregor

Fionn McGregor is a researcher at the “Ecole Nationale des Travaux Publics de l’Etat” (ENTPE) in Lyon, France. He completed a PhD at the University of Bath in 2014 in the United Kingdom at the Centre for Innovative Construction Materials on the moisture buffering capacity of earth based building materials. He is currently working on hygrothermal properties of unfired clay and biobased building materials. His research involves experimental studies ranging from micro scale, investigating sorption process in micropores, to macro scale investigating the heat and mass transfer on large wall panels. Recent activities also aim to develop research on the interaction of indoor air pollutants with porous building materials.

Anthony Néron

Anthony Néron is an artist that transposes his talent in the useful and the functional with professionalism and organization. He assembles raw material to make an effective product technically and a work reflecting the purity of its ingredients. Hemp ambassador, biomaterial specialist, designer, visionary, builder, freedom fighter, talented for communication. His experience is from the ground. Specialized in hempcrete and lime plaster since 2005, his activities are motivated by art, love, ecology, solidarity and innovations. He practices so architecture testifies of our culture, our values.

Emily Peyton

Emily Peyton a former candidate for Governor of Vermont and currently with Hempfully Green Healing House.

Terry Radford

Terry Radford is the director of Just BioFiber Structural Solutions Corp. based in Alberta, Canada the company has developed a sustainable high performance building construction system with Hemp that has major advantages in construction simplicity, structural strength and energy savings for building owners and operators.

Frederic Sallet Ecole Nationale des Travaux Publics de l’Etat, ENTPE, France.

Dhiraj K Shah

Dhiraj K Shah

Dhiraj K. Shah SHIV “Hempcrete for Evolving Nations”. Dhiraj has identified initial projects to utilise locally produced Hempcrete to rebuild homes in a community outside Kathmandu and to build vital extensions to a partly finished Trauma hospital so that it can be brought into service to treat the urgent need in the region.