October 2018 Newsletter

October 2018 Issue


Dear IHBA Members,
Preparations for the upcoming 8th International Hemp Building Symposium are in their final stages as we only have one more week to go until our now yearly event begins again.
This year as always we have a fascinating line up of presentations for our delegates with reports on projects of all sizes from the UK and US and many other countries plus reports on scientific research into many aspects of how Hempcrete behaves in both the laboratory and in situ especially this year in Arid environments from Israel to Morocco! We will also get an update on research into utilising the waste material from sugar production in a similar system to that manner in which we use Hemp in construction which further validates the system of Hemp Building.
As no Hemp building can begin without the Hemp it is really important that we also focus on how that might be achieved especially on a small scale as very few enterprises can begin at a large industrial scale. On field decorticators or small mobile machinery offer the possiblity of starting up Hemp Building material production and we will hear about how such aims are developing and how other groups such as those in Serbia are finding second hand machinery to do the job.
On the New Technology front we will hear from Carl Martel about his concept of Carbonising Hemp to produce Hempcrete that can be used to store energy! A wonderful potential that could revolutionize how we live and build in the future.
Presenters at the 8th International Hemp Building Symposium October 2018
Our event this year will also, as usual, feature actual Hemp Building projects and we will both get a tour of the venue which has been renovated with Hemp materials but we will also be visiting a project nearby in the town of Edegem north of Brussels. Here past delegates and participants of one of my Hemp Building courses in the past will show us around the site to explain the work they have undertaken.
The old orangerie at the Hof Ter Loonst which is part of the renovated Hof and where we will hold our event.
Meanwhile the IHBA has initiated the beginning of a project to upgrade our own decorticator prototype and are working with my local Institute of Technology to devise a joint project with another Institute or two to obtain some funding to move the adaptions forward. It seems this could incorporate 3d printing in the selection of component design.
The IHBA machine as it now looks, ready to be updated.
So as I return to my organising, let me again remind you of the great event we have for you all next week in Belgium. As the world gets even crazier with the circus evolving in Washington D.C. and the farce that is Brexit, Trade wars and tensions between East and West arising again we need to have hope for the future and I still believe that the technology we are all promoting has real potential to solve so many of the problems currently besetting the planet and humanity. The IHBA has been asked to participate in the International Cannabis Policy Conference in Vienna in December which hopes to address U.N delegates from the nearby U.N Commission for Narcotic Drugs to re think the policy regarding Cannabis on an international level. If as IHBA members you wish to display your promotional materials to illustrate how we are educating on important ecological and social issues please get in contact with us.
The 8th International Hemp Building Symposium
All previous presentations are available to view or download  for IHBA members via the members area of the website.
The IHBA has produced a new Brochure to promote the system and the association which you can download free from the website.
All the best
Steve Allin

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