1st International Hemp Building Symposium

1st-International-Hemp-Building-Symposium-2009Organised by Steve Allin as Hempbuilding.com with help from Jayeson Hendyrsan the 1st symposium was a great success with over 70 participants from 17 countries attending and resulted in the formation of the IHBA in November 2009. Here are some of the comments:

“Seminal – the synthesis of global building pioneers”

“The speakers were inspired and inspiring”

“….very informative and interesting especially seeing practical applications”

“Fabulous – great speakers; very useful demonstrations; very exciting potential for the technologies.”

“An astonishing range of speakers from self-motivated home builder half through the construction to industry leader; well prepared; valuable information.”

“A good balance between technical and global issues”

“…felt like being at the start of something very special, revolutionary and potentially international in its effects”

“Its amazing that 3 full days could be covered with so little repetition”

“Awesome – opened a fantastic and badly-needed opportunity for co-operation between agricultural, building and health sectors.”

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