9th International Hemp Building Symposium Programme

9th International Hemp Building Symposium Programme

Tuesday 15th September 2020

8.30 Registration

9.00 Welcome and Introduction – Steve Allin IHBA director, Alex Sparrow UK Hempcrete.

9.30. Comparative monitoring of replacement infill materials for historic timber-framed buildings – Dr. Christopher Whitman, Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University, Wales.

10.00 Classifying Hempcrete the latest results – Liam Donohoe, Technological University Dublin TU, Ireland.

10.30 Tests results by ENTPE of LCG Ereasy 120 a new binder – Damien Baumer, Ereasy, EURL BAUMER, France.

11.00 Study of Indoor Air Quality in a variety of environments including Hempcrete – Rachel Trend, Native Chartered Architects, York, UK.

11.30 Designing a Hemp house with prototype Hempfibre external sheeting – Paloma Gormley and Summer Islam – Practice Architecture UK & Material Cultures organisation.

12.00 Approaching codification of Hemp Building systems in the USA – Henry Valles, US Hemp Building Association, USA.

12.30 Hempcrete Block development in the UK – William Stanwix, HG Matthews, UK

13.00 Lunch.

14.00 – 18.00 Tour of factory and local projects.

19.30 Symposium Dinner

Wednesday 16th September 2020

9.00 Host presentation, The present situation in the UK with regard to Hemp building materials and systems – Alex Sparrow, UK Hempcrete.

9.30 Bushfires and Hemp Building in Australia – Kirstie Wulf, Shelter Building Design, N.S.W. Australia. ( via Internet )

10.00 Modular Housing Development – Albert Dun, Dun Agro Hemp Group (DHG) Netherlands.

10.30 Coffee/Tea Refreshments.

11.00 Developing a Hempcrete Block System – Charlotte de Bellefroid, IsoHemp, Belgium.

11.30 Hemp entry to the Solar Decathlon Africa 2019 – Monika Brümmer, coop, Adrar Nouh, Morocco.

12.00 Offsite construction with the Biond TM System – Ian Pritchett, Greencore Construction UK.

12.30 Lunch.

13.30 The latest developments of Hemp Building products and systems in Italy – Paolo Ronchetti, TecnoCanapa Bioedilizia, Senini Group, Italy.

14.00 Establishing Hemp Construction in Sweden with Modular Systems and Retrofitting – Remi Loren, Ekolution, Sweden.

14.30 The long road to a Hemp Board – Lawrence Serbin, Canna Grove, Hemp Traders, USA.

15.00 Coffee/Tea refreshments.

15.30 Sprayed application of Hempcrete in the UK – Graham Durrant, Hemp-Lime Spray, UK.

16.00 Establishing the use of Hempcrete in Germany – Roger Dauer, Henrik Pauly & Reinhold Straub, Hanfbaukollektiv, Germany.

16.30 Hemp Building around the World, excerpts from a new book – Steve Allin, Hemp Consultant, Ireland.

17.00 closing remarks

17.30 FINISH

Thursday 17th September 2020

Spray Day – demonstrations. 9.30 – 13.00 By Damien Baumer EREASY, EURL BAUMER, France, Paolo Ronchetti TecnoCanapa Bioedilizia, Italy and Graham Durrant, Hemp-Lime Spray, UK.


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