Mission Statement

The aims of this association are to develop, promote and support the production and use of all hemp based construction materials and their by-products in a sustainable and bio-regional manner for the benefit of the ecology and communities of all regions of the world. The IHBA aims to work for the gathering and dissemination of knowledge about the materials and systems from those developing and using them to those wishing to. The IHBA will assist members developing systems both from the point of view of production of the materials to their use in vernacular and new styles of architecture appropriate to their region. The IHBA will work to educate and inform the relative government and trade bodies to help in the establishment of the infrastructure necessary to create a hemp building industry throughout the international community. The IHBA will at all times work to ensure that the use of such materials has the least environmental impact possible.

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International Hemp Building Symposiums 2009-2019

The IHBA has held International symposiums with renowned success all over the world. Participants and speakers attend from many countries.

The IHBA has held symposiums with great success with participants and speakers from 19 countries attending. Here are some of the comments:

  • “The symposium was for me a learning event over all expectations. Not only have you done a job that lays the foundation to what we may make happen, but you have created an enthusiasm amongst many and these of multiple origin”

  • “Seminal – the synthesis of global building pioneers”

  • “An astonishing range of speakers from self-motivated home builder half through the construction to industry leader; well prepared; valuable information.”